Early Pregnancy Classes

All classes are registered (734.994.8010) and held at Indigo Forest unless otherwise indicated.  Call if you have not received a confirmation the week of the class; if the minimum class size is not met you will be offered a refund or a place in the next class of your choice.

Your Naturally Healthy Pregnancy
Wondering about the best prenatal or how to figure out the best source of oil for DHEA?  What about eating fish in pregnancy, or feta cheese, or coping with heartburn?   We’ll cover all this and more as we look at the nutrition needed for maintaining a healthy pregnancy and having a a healthy and less painful birth (honest.)  Going far beyond the usual food pyramid (ok, we’re not even going there!), our naturopahtic approach to pregnancy will also outline baby-safe & natural solutions to common pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, insomnia, constipation and hemorrhoids.  While this class will be the most useful in the first four months of pregnancy or during conception planning, everyone is welcome – and bring your questions!
Taught by Beth Barbeau.   Thursday, October 20, 2011  , 6:30 – 8:45 pm.  $45 per mother, partner/support person free.

The Circumcision Decision
Often one of the most heated topics parents face, this class will respectfully bring research, information, and insights to the question of circumcision & your baby boy.  We will address social concerns, ‘looking like Daddy (or not)’, family & religious conflicts, care of the intact penis, and will provide resources for your continuing discussion.  Class includes information from the instructor’s nine months of research into circumcision for the Senior Project of her Premed Degree.
Taught by Beth Barbeau.   Saturday, November 12 , 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  $45 per mother &  partner/support person.

I’m Pregnant (or Almost), Now What?
This class will answer those questions flooding your brain when the pregnancy test is positive (or you hope it will be soon!).  Most useful in the first 4 months of pregnancy or before conception, we will cover:  nutrition for maintaining a healthy pregnancy and having a healthy birth; psychology of the first trimester, including common ambivalent feelings; baby-safe natural solutions to common pregnancy discomforts (nausea & more); safe medication choices for the first trimester (over-the-counter and Rx); understanding choices in genetic testing, lab work and ultrasounds; stages of fetal development; choices in birth attendants and how & when to chose the right birth location for YOU; sex in pregnancy; and how to communicate with your chosen birth attendant/health care provider.
Co-taught by Beth Barbeau & Dr. Elizabeth Shadigian.  Fall/Winter, 2011 time TBA, 9:00- 12 Noon, $45 per mother.  Call Indigo Forest @ (734)994-8010 to check next dates.

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