Childbirth Education Classes

All classes are registered (734.994.8010) and held at Indigo Forest unless otherwise indicated.  Call to confirm the week of the class.

Natural Childbirth Ed: The Series
With an emphasis on a holistic pregnancy & normal birth, this practical class covers what to expect in labor, handling the powerful sensations of birth, pain management choices, and the physical and emotional aspects of becoming parents.   We will also address medical options & interventions,  decision-making under stress, coping with the unexpected, naturopathic resources and preventing C-sections.  Suitable for parents desiring a natural birth in any setting, this series includes”Essential Postpartum 101″ and a break-out session for fathers with jeremiah Lee, local say-at-home father of four.  This lively series goes beyond the usual ‘childbirth basics’ for an insightful class experience that students have said left them feeling “capable, confident, informed & energized!”

Taught by Beth Barbeau.   Usually a 6 week course, this series is also available as a condensed one-day class or taught privately,  personalized for your situation and concerns.  One day: Saturday November 4, 9 am – 5 pm with breaks and lunch.  Cost is $160.    2013 schedule to be published son.   Private class cost is $75/hour at Indigo Forest, but may be negotiated to be taught in your home.  Call Indigo Forest and ask for Beth.

Birthing Normally – “Physiological Birth”

Gain insights and strategies for having a satisfying, healthy birth in any setting!  Emphasizing both the positive and the practical, this frank, pro-active class includes 40 real ways to reduce pain in labor;  How your daily life can support & encourage normal labor & birth;  Why labor support such as Doulas cut your chance of Cesarean delivery in half; Safe & effective ways to avoid labor inductions; Understanding and working with normal labor rhythms and variations; Safe ways to keep your energy up & your labor effective; How to use lighting to reduce your labor time;  And more, drawn from current research and over 30 years of birth experience!

This one-session class is a powerful stand-alone or add-on to any Childbirth Ed Class.  

Taught by Beth Barbeau.  This is a 4-hour class, usually on a Saturday; call for November & December 2012 dates, 2013 TBA.  $89 per couple, you are also welcome to bring an additional friend/relative/doula who you’ve asked to be at your birth.

Birthing Vaginally After a Caesarean Birth – Having a Successful VBAC
Have you had a Caesarean birth and would like to have a vaginal birth this time?  This one-session class will offer current research about safe VBACs; how to ‘Stack the deck in your favor;” Keys for positioning your baby in the most ideal position for birth before labor begins;  Strategies for working with normal labor rhythms for effective laboring and healthy birthing; Effectively responding to labor challenges; Proactive measures for building your confidence along with a supportive team; And more, drawn from current research and over 30 years of birth experience.

“This class totally changed our confidence level – we are so much more empowered!”     VBAC rate for students of this class is currently 80%, substantially higher than the <50% level commonly experienced in many hospitals.
Taught by Beth Barbeau.   This is a 4-hour class, usually on a Saturday; call for November & December 2012 dates, 2013 TBA.  $89 per couple, you are also welcome to bring an additional friend/relative/doula who you’ve asked to be at your birth.

The Circumcision Decision
Often one of the most heated topics parents face, this class will respectfully bring research, information, and insights to the question of circumcision & your baby boy.  We will address social concerns, ‘looking like Daddy (or not)’, family & religious conflicts, care of the intact penis, and will provide resources for your continuing discussion.  Class includes information from the instructor’s nine months of research into circumcision for the Senior Project of her Premed Degree.
Taught by Beth Barbeau.   Currently being offered as a private consultation, 1.5 hours $75.  Private class can be arranged for 4 or more couples @ $45 per mother &  partner/support person.  (734) 994-8010, Beth for more info.

Birthing From Within
Birthing From Within classes will help prepare you for your journey through birth into parenthood, not only by filling in the blanks of information you may be seeking, but also by helping prepare you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will deepen your intuitive knowing through thought-provoking dialogues, birth videos, and memorable exercises including games, and individual exploration through drawing, sculpture and painting.  In your Birthing From Within® class you will begin to build a pain-coping mindset; explore birth culture, pregnancy and birth logistics; tame your “Birth Tigers”®, and use your B.R.A.I.N. to obtain needed information to make decisions, welcome your baby, and plan for postpartum healing and adjusting.
Taught by Krista Dragun.  Six-week series with optional 7th reunion class.   This class will next be offered in Spring, 2013.  For more information, contact Krista directly at

Birth Story Circle
Birthing mothers, fathers, and everyone who witnesses a birth can be uplifted by the mystery and power of birth, and at the same time, be haunted by feelings of confusion, powerlessness, shame, blame, or regret about a particular moment they feel they failed or were failed. Left unresolved, negative feelings and beliefs undermine the joy and confidence of parenting, and can negatively affect relationships with partner, baby, friends and work.  In this workshop you can change the way you feel about your birth by learning how birth trauma does not always begin with birth, recognizing predisposing factors and the sources of birth trauma, and beginning to heal your own birth trauma or grief.
Taught by Krista Dragun.  Next offered in Spring, 2013,  contact  Krista directly for more information at

Birthing Again
A “refresher” childbirth preparation class for parents who are experienced in birth and want to: Reflect and learn from their previous birth (s), dust off old pain-coping techniques that worked & learn new ones, take time to enjoy this pregnancy, prepare older sibling for the new arrival and much more.
Taught by Krista Dragun. Four Week Series.   This series will next be offered Spring, 2013.    For more information contact  Krista directly at

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