Breastfeeding Classes & Support

All classes are registered (734.994.8010) and held at Indigo Forest unless otherwise indicated.  Call if you have not received a confirmation the week of the class; if the minimum class size is not met you will be offered a refund or a place in the next class of your choice.

Nursing Café

Come hang out with other breastfeeding moms and a big pot of nursing tea, with professional lactation support on-hand for questions and help.  Pregnant moms welcome too, private consultations also available.  Our calibrated baby scale is also available to be used during all open hours, feel free to just come in for a baby weigh, or nurse and do a before & after weight if you are having milk transfer issues.

Hosted and Led by Beth Barbeau and guest Lactation Specialists, Wednesdays, 2-3pm, Free
As one mom recently said when she came the second week in a row, “I’ve seen a lot of people about our nursing problems, but it was the advice I got from Beth at the Nursing Café that finally got our thrush under control and helped my baby start gaining weight –my daughter gained 11 oz in one week!  I am so relieved; it’s finally started to be fun to nurse!”

3/9/12  Overhead at Indigo:  “I tell EVERYONE that I nursed my son for a whole year strictly because of (the support from) Indigo Forest!!!”

Beginning Breastfeeding Guidance

This course takes all the things you’ve heard and read about breastfeeding out onto the table and brings it all into focus: how to hold the baby, how often to feed, how to know it’s enough, how to know you need help, how to know you can trust it will all work out. Partners are strongly encouraged to attend since they can be critical support.  This is a comprehensive 4-hour class to be taken during pregnancy and attended by both partners.

Taught by Keleigh Lee, IBCLC.   March 24th or April 21st, 2012.  1:00 – 5:00 pm

$60/per couple

Working and Breastfeeding Guidance

This course covers the myriad of issues mothers face when combining breastfeeding and returning to work: when to introduce the bottle, when to start pumping, how to talk with your workplace about pumping breaks, how to deal with separation, how to reconcile your professional and mothering roles. This class will be highly tailored to the needs of the participants.   This is a 2-hour course.

March 31st or April 14th, 2012

$30,   1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Breastfeeding Consultations

Need some personalized problem solving?   

In store appointments available most days:  professional, experienced & compassionate support, including naturopathic approaches to thrush, milk supply issues & more.  Same-day calls welcome, $20/ half-hour.  Call Indigo Forest to reserve your time (734) 994-8010.   Consultations by Beth Barbeau, Midwife.

Customized professional, breastfeeding guidance available in your home with Keleigh Lee, IBCLC. 

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