Practical, inspiring classes

Group classes:

We have some of the most interesting, practical and lively classes in town, all taught with highly experienced instructors; most are practicing experts in their field.

Our classes generally fall into four basic categories

  • The Prenatal Year and Childbirth Education – and the many variations on the theme, generally taken in the prenatal months.  In addition to our comprehensive childbirth education course, our line-up includes unique one-session classes such as Natural Birth in a Medical Setting and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).
  • Breastfeeding – Classes may be taken prenatally (Breastfeeding Made Simple) or sometimes with the baby after he or she has arrived (Breastfeeding and the Unexpected).   Many mothers find our weekly Nursing Café to be the great place to ask questions in a casual setting.  These classes are a part of our comprehensive approach to breastfeeding support.
  • Naturopathic – Holistic health care is often not only safer and has fewer side effects, but is frequently more effective as well.  These classes, such as Vaccine Choice or Natural First Aid, move you to a more independent consumer-based approach to your (and your family’s) health.
  • Parenting – A growing category, currently includes such jewels as Infant Massage and Stuntwork for Daddies.

Our classes are currently varying somewhat from month to month, depending on the season and instructor (and your requests); please check out our calendar for current listings, and please don’t hesitate to make a special request.  Many of our most popular classes have come from our students’ and customers’ suggestions.  If you have five friends for a class, we’ll come to you!  Your location (depending on distance) may include a reasonable travel fee.

Private pregnancy/birth related classes:
  • A condensed and/or individualized Childbirth Education series, in our classroom or with the convenience and in the privacy of your own home
  • One or two session ‘refresher’ course
  • VBAC concerns and preparation
  • Homebirth
  • Children at birth
  • Natural Birth in a Medical Setting
  • Nutrition for a healthy vegetarian or twin pregnancy
  • Q & A relating to planning a ‘Freebirth’ (unassisted homebirth – we also rent birth tubs and fetascopes.)
  • Birth’s Own Timing – the medical perspective on due dates and induction, the dynamics of labors’ own timing, and how to naturally support labor to begin.
  • Breastfeeding
  • Wide range of other topics, including any of the group classes

Beth Barbeau has over 20 years of experience in perinatal education – teaching childbirth education to teens, expectant parents, and college students, teaching breastfeeding to mothers and also CEU-awarding classes to medical professionals, and since 2006 has been a guest lecturer for the Psychology Department’s “Intro to Sexuality” course at Washtenaw Community College.  She also teaches group classes on a variety of related topics.  Since studies show we all learn in different ways, most classes also include the use of teaching aids such as cloth models, posters, DVD’s, and class handouts.   $150 covers a two-hour class in our classroom, and package deals are available.  Your location (depending on distance) may include a reasonable travel fee.

“I really appreciated Beth’s candor and genuine interest level. She really
made me feel at ease and opened my eyes to many new ideas and thoughts.”

“Beth is very thorough and made the info very ‘user friendly’!”

“Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed this course and thought that Beth did an incredible job of connecting with us and moving through information quickly and effectively. Thank you, Beth!”

“Beth is a wonderful and engaging teacher. She did a wonderful job of answering questions, or directing us to a reliable source. What a joy!”

“I thought it was a very good experience. Beth was very knowledgeable and confident in her teaching style.”

“Beth is an excellent & caring instructor and we enjoyed this class.  She presents the information in an informative and helpful manner and is great at answering our many questions.”

Call Indigo Forest to make inquiries about classes of all kinds.