Resonance Repatterning

Resonance Repatterning

The Resonance Repatterning system is a comprehensive energy curriculum that empowers you to transform unconscious patterns of limitation. While it can be used to support change in literally any aspect of the body-mind-spirit system, even one session can be a powerful tool to help clear the path for a better birth experience and outcome.

“In alignment with both new physics and traditional energy-based philosophies, the Resonance Repatterning system understands that you exist as fields of vibrating frequencies. Your thoughts, feelings, needs and physical symptoms are all vibratory expressions.

The frequencies you resonate with determine what you experience. If you resonate with the frequency of humor, for example, that tends to be what you express and attract. If you resonate with the frequency of anger, then anger tends to be what you express and attract.

The Resonance Repatterning system gives you the tools to change your resonance so you naturally and easily spiral up to a higher energy state of wellbeing and coherence.

Many ancient healing traditions are based upon these energy/frequency principles, including Chinese Acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine, both of which are integrated into the Resonance Repatterning system. The Resonance Repatterning system also uses 21st Century technologies from new physics, applied kinesiology and energy psychology.

Once you learn how to transform your mental-emotional blueprint, you can experience improvement in your health, energy level, self-confidence and your ability to go into action to achieve your goals and your vision.”

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Beth originally learned this system from the founder, Chloe Wordsworth, in the Southwest during the early ‘90’s.  Now an experienced practitioner, she has recently retaken the trainings and is currently working towards certification in this field.  Sessions are $88 and generally last an hour or so, the first one longer; you are invited to try out Resonance Repatterning with an introductory session for $20.  The last person to try the introductory session as of this writing was motivated to try RR at the introductory rate, and then insisted on writing the check for the full amount because she was “so blown away, this went to the heart of issues I’ve worked on for years, and cleared them! Feel free to call Beth during business hours with questions or to set up an appointment.  (734) 807-9909.

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