Pregnancy Henna

Belly Beautiful:  Pregnancy Henna Body Art with Keleigh Lee

“I aim to completely nourish each pregnant client I see – to treat her body with comforting sensations, smells, and beautiful artwork; and to listen deeply during our session as she talks through the major life transition she’s approaching. I humbly offer my artistic ability to interpret each woman’s unique experiences and vision into a design that is truly meaningful for her.

Most of my sessions are two hours long, involving custom design work, foot bath, and light massage. The non-toxic, organic henna stain lasts around 10 days before gently fading away. I do also have available: shorter sessions, travel for mother blessings or baby showers, henna designs for other major transitions, and long-distance packages for use anywhere in the world.

Please see my website for example designs and more details. And feel free to call me or email to talk more about your henna ideas.”

See Keleigh’s beautiful work in her Gallery.

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