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Would you like to see some wonderful births?

Many times mothers-to-be are craving birth stories and images, yet prowling around U-Tube sometimes means that you happen on some nutty ones too!  Here are links to some great births, beautiful images, and reliable and quality information.   I’ll keep this list growing…

“Born at Home, The Dunham Family” -  I love this movie, in part because it is so well filmed and edited.  It also shows birth better than virtually any other movie I’ve ever seen!   Respects the rhythm, the community, the truth, the work, the calmness, the joy.  Makes me proud to be a midwife, and reminds me of the many families that I’ve been honored to assist in their family journey.

Our Journey to Homebirth – super inspirational VBAC at home video.  Got introduced to this video when this Michigan mom showed her story at the Midwifery Today Conference here in Ann Arbor a few years back.

Other good resources:

“Safer Birth in a Barn” - article by Beth Bailey Barbeau in Midwifery Today.

Looking for a midwife up near Kalamazoo, Michigan? Janice is great, I’d have her myself in a minute!

Naturopathic Program? Naturopathic Institute of Therapies & Education, Mt. Pleasant Michigan, is the best (yes, I’m both biased, and right!) of only 4-5 programs in the country to become a ‘Certified Traditional Naturopath.’  (referred to as ‘doctor’ in other states.)

Gloria Lemay - outspoken, spot on, articulate, midwife from Canada.  Outstanding resource on many topics, reliable for being accurate, empowering, practical in her advice and commentary.  Has a blog also.

Pelvises I Have Known and Loved, Midwifery Today article by Gloria Lemay.  Get inspired, get confident!

Good hopeful midwifery information and great support for natural birth!  Midwifery Today Journal

Indie Births – “Intellectual Fuel for Free Thinking Mamas!”

Ina May Gaskin – Midwife of modern midwifery, and great writer and speaker!   Wise & outspoken commentator on vaginal breech birth, dangerous use of Cytotec, and ‘The Sphincter Law’ and so much more.  Her books may be all you need!

The Peaceful Birth Project – Many links and sources of information on varied dimensions of natural birth.

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