Renting Medela Breastpumps

Hospital-grade Rental Pump Protects Your Milk Supply

Hospital-grade breastpumps help bring in or protect your milk supply when the baby is not sucking well at your breast due to notable latch issues, medical situations or separation from the baby.  We rent what we consider to be the industry’s best breastpump, Medela’s Symphony, by the day ($3), week ($20), or month ($60); $150 deposit.  A high-quality Lactina (older model) is available for long-term rental at a reduced rate.  All rentals need a ‘kit’ of the disposable, personal-use items (pairs of tubes, flanges, membranes, bottles etc) as part of it’s hygenic system ($56).  Of course if you have a set from using the Medela pump in the hospital (locally more likely to be St. Joes) or a previous rental, you will not need the kit, just the pump.

All of our breastpump rentals and breastpump purchases come with:
•    A free visit to our Nursing Café on Wednesday afternoons
•    A sample of Motherlove’s fantastic nipple cream and Medela’s great breast pads
•    Savings of 10% off either a Medela sleep bra or the nursing book of your choice
•    Our caring support and service

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