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Can’t get to a class?  Babysitter shortage?  We rent a growing collection of class-related DVD’s & CD’s.  Nothing to join and you do not need to be one of our students to take advantage of our resources. Many are hard-to-find or just not available through the usual sources, topics ranging from Vaccines to Breastfeeding to GMO’s.  Plus, returning it gives you an excuse to stop back in for another delicious ‘Omega Three Chocolate Truffle!’   You can extend your rental if you keep falling asleep with the kids and need more time to finish the movie.

* Note:  We have a great collection of DVD’s that we sell or are available to watch FOR FREE at Indigo Forest during any open hours.  Check out the list under Products.
  • $5 a week
  • Overdue $1/day
  • We also have most of these titles available for purchase.

The Business of Being Born (DVD). “Inspired by their own unique birth experiences, producer Ricki Lake and director Abby Epstein team up to provide a nation of mothers-to-be with insight in to the process of childbirth and the various options available when preparing for life’s most special event.  From pregnancy to the miraculous moment of birth, The Business of Being Born is an entertaining and informative celebration of the road to motherhood and ‘should be seen by every pregnant woman in America.’

Deidre Currie Festival: A Celebration of Food, Farms, Community and one Beautiful Person (Audio CD)- September 13, 2008 at Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI.
Complete set of five audio CD’s of the day’s workshops:

  • Dirty Little Secrets of the Food Industry, by Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions
  • Oiling of America, by Sally Fallon, President of Weston A. Price Foundation (www.WestonPrice.org)
  • Nourishing Traditions Agriculture & Industrialization, by Jerry Brunetti, Cancer Nutrition and Healing
  • Cows Make Milk, Not Beans, by Karen Lubbers
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome, by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

“For a $5 rental I attended an eye-opening and life-changing conference while driving to work one week!”
One overextended parent’s response to the Currie Festival CD’s

Dr. Jack Newman’s Visual Guide to Breastfeeding (DVD):
Helps you to understand how breastfeeding really works and lets you cut through all the confusing and contradictory information out there on breastfeeding.  It is easy to understand and will be helpful to both new parents and for health professionals.
Many of us do not have a notion of what a baby looks like on the breast.  This video is designed to make the breastfeeding experience a success and pleasure for mothers and babies.  A wide variety of questions are answered, from how to ensure that a baby is getting milk to helping overcome some of the most common problems associated with breastfeeding.
Some of the topics covered include:
•    How to know a baby is getting enough milk
•    Breast compressions
•    Avoiding sore nipples
•    How to get a baby to latch
•    Colicky babies
•    How to increase intake of breastmilk by the baby
•    Using a lactation aid
•    Risks of formula feeding
More info at www.drjacknewman.com.

The GMO Trilogy: Why Genetically Modified Organisms threaten your health, the environment and future generations. Three-disc set is rented together as one.

Disc 1:  Unnatural Selection (DVD):
A failed GM cotton crop prompts farmer suicides in India.  GM pigs are born with ghastly mutations in the US.  Wind borne GM canola threatens farms in Canada, forcing one farmer to the Supreme Court.  A company breeds giant GM salmon, despite its threat to natural fish populations.  Alarming findings convince a scientist that GMOs may lead to a catastrophe.  And corporations deceive the public, while trying to patent and control the food supply.

“Meticulously researched, excellently photographed.”

Disc 2:  Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals (DVD):
Shocking research results, inadequate regulations and warning from prominent scientists explain why GM foods are dangerous and should be removed from kids’ meals.  The dramatic story of how student behavior in a Wisconsin school was transformed with a healthy diet provides added motivation  to make a change.

“It pierces the myth that our government is protecting our food supply.”
John Robbins, Diet for a New America

Disc 3:  You’re eating WHAT?  (audio CD):
Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, the world’s bestselling book on GM foods, describes ho biotech companies rigged research, hid health dangers and pressured government regulators to approve food that even FDA scientists said was unsafe.

“The most powerful presentation I have ever heard on the issue of genetically engineered foods.”
Craig Winters, The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods

More info at www.seedsofdeception.com and www.GMFreeSchools.org.

OsteoMed II’s Unique Approach for Treating ADD & ADHD by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.  (DVD).  Why medications do not address the underlying causes of ADD & ADHD.  Through their unique program, medications for children have frequently been avoided or eliminated.  Information-packed two hour presentation teaches:
•    Why unrecognized food allergies can cause behavior disorders
•    Why it can be difficult to determine which foods your child is reacting to
•    What supplements to take and what foods to avoid to calm behavior
•    How allergy elimination treatments work
•    Why OsteoMed’ II’s approach is a long-term investment in your health.

Vaccines: The Risks, the Benefits and the Choices  (DVD). “At a time when the vaccine controversy is becoming increasingly hostile, this arresting documentary offers an in-depth examination of the ever-changing vaccine debate.  With incisive reasoning and over 6000 hours of meticulous research, Dr. Tenpenny delivers an eye opening, breakthrough seminar that will inspire even the most indoctrinated physician to re-examine their views on this controversial topic.

Well respected by her colleagues, Dr. Tenpenny is the first physician to offer documented proof that vaccines do compromise the immune system.  Dr. Tenpenny has the courage and the determination to express a minority view, substantiating her work with citations directly from CDC documents and respected, peer-reviewed journals; offering irrefutable facts that fly in the face of information generally regarded as truth in traditional medical circles.

This highly-informative presentation offers the most comprehensive overview available’ guiding you step by step through vaccination history, conflicts of interest and the lack of scientific data to support the current vaccine protocol.  Dr. Tenpenny paints a very clear picture of the immune system and its threats and offers compelling information regarding the ‘real’ risks of choosing not to vaccinate.”

“Dr. Tenpenny is the voice that parents need to hear when they want the facts needed to make informed decisions about vaccines.  No one can do it better.”
Dr. Doris J. Rapp, M.D.
Author of “Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call”

Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal (DVD). “Information contained in this presentation could spare adults further vaccine-induced injuries and spare innocent children a lifetime of mental, physical and immunological limitations.  This lively 120-minute studio presentation is a must-see for everyone who is considering vaccination who has been vaccinated, or those who want scientific backing for choosing not to vaccinate.”

The Link between Foods and Illness:  Eating Smart Equals Being Healthy, by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.  (DVD).  Lively presentation on good fats, trans-fats, why too low cholesterol can be a health risk, the truth about sugar addiction and why sugar is the number one murderer in the history of humanity – will surprise you with it’s documented revelations!

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