Woolens & Socks

Does your baby keep getting the hiccups?  Are your child’s hands cold all the time?  Could your infant be gaining more weight?    All of these problems have been reportedly resolved after the little one was pampered in our wool products.  We carry unbelievably soft, high-quality woolens for the whole family.  And NO, these are NOT your grandma’s scratchy sweaters (bless her soul.)

Infant & children:
We carry a fairly comprehensive line of Hosca brand woolen underclothes, which are luxuriously comfortable and from Europe, where they know about these things.  It’s said that babies need to be dressed warmly, like us plus 1-2 layers (including a hat or bonnet), and doing so has seemed to bring benefits like longer alert phases (perhaps calories not burned for warmth are available for interaction?), less hiccups, greater weight gain, and more regular digestion (diaper hint, if you get my drift.)  Many families have their children wearing these thin, soft wool long johns under everyday clothing 2-3 seasons here in Michigan; they are not washed daily, perhaps every few weeks unless soiled by the diaper.   So even one set can see you through the winter, if need be.  Cream, blue, red, stripes.

  • Onesies – short & long-sleeved
  • Shirts – tank, short & long-sleeved
  • Pants – infant thru middle school sizes in all
  • Hats – bonnets & Nelson hats (full-face coverage)
  • Mittens – delightful navy, cream or red children’s wool mittens

You can see these wonderful products at our importers’ website: http://www.danishwool.com/products/item/blend_longjohns.html

“Our daughter was six months old and the pediatrician was concerned because she wasn’t gaining at all, basically falling off the bottom of the growth chart.  We got two pieces of under woolens and dressed her in them right there in Indigo Forest.  Maybe it’s coincidence, but the next week we brought her back and weighed her on the store’s scale – she had gained 6oz in a week!”

Indigo Forest Customer


We also carry Smartwool socks and long underwear for every family member. They have outstanding quality and genuinely humane production requirements, leading the industry long before it was cool marketing.  Gorgeous socks inspire even everyday wear, from dress socks to thick hiking socks.  Their fist layer clothing is incredibly soft and can go in the dryer without shrinking into doll clothes!

  • Socks – Hiking, lifestyle, dress
  • Socks – Infant booties, children’s crew to thick knee socks, women and men’s (to size 14+)
  • Long johns – camisole, crew neck, henley, light & mid-weight long johns, briefs, in Children’s sm (new line, limited selection available, not available on-line!)  thru adult sizes.
  • Hats and Neck Gators

Special orders generally arrive in 2-6 days.  (Minimum order for s.o. socks may be two pair.)

Check out Smartwool selection at www.smartwool.com.

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