Weston A. Price

What is the buzz about raw milk all about?  How can you sort out all the info about ‘DHA’ and ‘Brain Oils?’  Indigo Forest is the only location in Washtenaw County (and surrounding areas) for these best sources of naturally-occurring Vitamin A (and D) available!  Why should you consider cod liver oil supplement?

  • Green Pastures brand (GP) coconut & coconut-butter oils (quarts and gallons)
  • GP cod liver oils, plain, flavored (cinnamon, artic mint, luscious licorice), and fermented
  • GP Skate oils, X-Factor, Butter Oils
  • Udo’s & Nature’s Sunshine brands Flax Seed Oils and supplements
  • Books
    • Nourishing Traditions
    • The Untold Story of Milk
    • Fourfold Path to Healing
    • Other WP Foundation books are available at Indigo Forest

More on the Weston A. Price Foundation and it’s nutritional research and programs.

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