Do you wish you could find something (anything!) that would ease your morning sickness?  What are the best prenatal vitamins?  Is there anything you can to protect your unborn baby from cell phones and EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)?   The most common comment from moms who shop at Indigo Forest has been, “I wish I had found you when I was pregnant!”

  • “Anita” brand lingerie – proven to protect fetus by blocking Electro-magnetic rays and radiation from cell phones, computer terminals or airline travel to 90%!
  • Morning Sickness Remedies – We’ve got solutions of every description – herbs, essential oils, homeopatics, nausea bands, and supplements
  • Belly Balms and Stretch Mark Salves
  • ‘Proud Body’ Belly Cast Kits
  • Belly Bands and other Belly Supports – medically prescribed supports or stylish belts, all blissfully comfortable!
  • Prenatal Vitamins, whole food and easily absorbed without nausea or constipation
  • Pregnancy Teas, nutritive herbs, and a wide range of baby-building supplements
  • Omega-3s & the highest quality oils for your baby’s brain development available, including Flax Seed Oil, Green Pasture Cod Liver oils and other brands of cold-pressed, organic oils.
  • Natural remedies regarded as effective Relief for heartburn, leg cramps, fluid imbalances and other complaints
  • Anemia support – Floridix herbals, cell salts, iron-rich herbal teas – very effective and not constipating
  • Pregancy Bras
  • Books – handpicked, the best books out there on natural pregnancy, pregnancy health care, childbirth, post-partum recovery, post-partum depression etc.

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