Labor and Birth

Are you desperate to go into labor?   Would you like to do everything you can to heal well after the birth, C-sections included?  Has your midwife or OB recommended our herbal baths or Binsi labor clothes?  We have customers driving in from Ohio and Indiana, as we are the only store in Michigan & neighboring states where you can get some of these products!

  • Herbal Baths for postpartum healing
  • Labor Balm & Labor Boost to naturally ‘induce’ labor
  • Essential oil kits to Nudge an ‘Overdue’ Labor to begin (According to our ongoing local survey, about 75%-85% effective within 72 hours)
  • Honey Sticks & Labor energy recipes
  • Binsi Labor Wear – “look and feel more like yourself” while wearing practical and comfortable apparel that supports movement and your privacy
  • Perineal Massage Oils – helping your body to stretch before & during birth, and to recover comfortably
  • Organic Herbal Tinctures for safe birthing and to ease postpartum cramping
  • Essential Oil Sprays to enhance the birth room environment
  • Healing from Cesearean Surgery – remedies to minimize scarring & adhesions, supplements to support recovery if there was blood loss, essentials oils that help heal loss of sensation at the incision (can work even years later, and on episiotomy scars also), flower remedies to help soothe the heart or overcome separation trauma; you tell us what you need.
  • Great Lakes Sacred Essences – Flower Remedies of exceptional quality, locally made; these products are having amazingly profound, positive effects on births and postpartum recovery, suitable for parents or the doula/ midwife bag.
  • Books - Choice volumes on Natural Birth, Birth Partners, Doulas, Midwifery, Labor Support, Homeopathy for Mothers and Babies, and more

“I think I found the perfect products for the ails of labor – a combination of Labor Boost Labor Cream and a oil called Labor Oil!!   Indigo Forest was the only place I found that would mix oils especially for what you were attempting to do, and even better, they counsel.  These items are far better than trying to use some of the more dangerous or disgusting products such as castor oil and these smell nice.

I purchased the items around 12pm then I went home and followed the directions. On the way home (about 12:30pm) I rubbed the labor boost on my tummy in the car. Once home (about 1:00pm) I used the labor oil on the accupressure spot located on the side of my ankle.  Every 2 hours I used the Labor Boost and then at 5 pm I did the accupressure with the oil again. At 6:45 pm MY WATER BROKE!!!! I was not expecting this since nothing was working to get labor going. I didn’t even feel the contractions except for a few after doing the accupressure and oil. But low and behold…..I had my baby at 9:55 pm! WOW! ”

Your body won’t do what it is not ready to do, but I don’t suggest using these products unless your body is completely ready for the baby to come and you are as well. They work!”

R.,    Taylor, MI     Nov. 2008

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