Fun & Play

Looking for something special that isn’t found in every chain store?  Hand-crafted or usually found only on the web?   Indigo Forest loves toys that inspire imaginative play & treasures that nurture our spirit – our policy is to only stock treasures that WE want to play with!

Lyra Beeswax Crayons – window, block, stick

Lyra Face Pencils – for transforming playtime

Castles & knights – Handcrafted, reclaimed wood, affordable, beautiful make-believe

“Old-fashioned” Outdoor Toys – Jump ropes, sling shots, jacks, marbles

Wooden swords – Best we’ve ever seen (said the devoted sword testers, 7 & 9 yrs old!)

Old-fashioned tree swings – Great round wooden seats, complete with rope!

Tooth Fairy Treasures – crystals, beads, stones, marbles, and other small treasures

Dress-up Costumes – Sarah Silks & others, whimsical fairy to fireman, special orders also

Gnome houses & wooden mushrooms – magical pretend pieces

Spinning things – tiny tops to yo-yo’s & tops-with-strings

Wands – Handcrafted wooden magic wands to silky streamers

And so much more - adding new items each month!

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