Healthy Family Life

Where do you go for help when it’s cold & flu season?  Is there lice in the kindergarten, or chickenpox in the 4th grade?  You need a place that has the stuff you didn’t even know you needed!  And we’ve got it all in one friendly store.

  • Kleen Kanteen – stainless steel water bottles guaranteed to be free of pollutants and contaminants; silver or enamel colors, in sippy cups, 18 oz, 27 oz, or 40 oz. with carriers available
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification SupportUrine tests & Chelation liquids, detox bentonite clay baths, and healing nutrients, children and adult specific nutrients
  • Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide, 4 oz. – 1 gallon containers
  • Nature’s Sunshine Herbs and Supplements – extensive collection, all Nature Sunshine members get 20% off their NS purchases
  • Miracle II soap and neutralizing gel – used with devoted affection by eczema suffers & the rest of us
  • Highly effective Organic salves for everything from eczema to carpal tunnel to acne
  • “School Issues” such as Lice & Ringworm - Lice remedies include Quantum’s Lice Comb, Wiseway Herbal’s Nit Oil, Warrior Lice Shampoo & Preventative Conditioner, and more
  • Insomnia, anti-stress, ‘restless leg’ and relaxation support
  • Natural relief for Seasonal Allergies
  • Immune Support
  • Beautifully handcrafted Poultice Kits
  • Nettie Pots and special salts for sinus health
  • Homeopathy – Boiron, Hyland
  • Organic Bulk Herbs and recipes for teas, baths, and poultices
  • Essential Oils – medicinal grade, by the drop or bottle
  • Vitamins, minerals, flax oil, herbal tinctures
  • Flower Remedies personalized & made to order
  • Weleda body oils, celulite oil, & body care
  • Dry Skin & Nail Brushes
  • Ear Candles
  • First Aid kits – sturdy red ‘tackle’ boxes available empty, and effective, natural contents to personalize your family kit

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