Baby Care

Are you tired of wondering if your products are going to be recalled?  Or which products really work well?   We only offer baby care products and remedies that are safe, tried & true, and absolutely the best quality (organic is our priority)!

  • NoseFrida – is the most marvelous invention easing baby’s snotty noses – check it out at
  • Weleda – we carry their complete line of one of the world’s best quality skin products
  • Cradle cap Oils – “Artemis’ brand is locally made with organic ingredients, and they work!
  • Teething Remedies – homeopathic, herbal, essential oils, & amber necklaces (they work too!)
  • Colic and Gas Solutions – Organic gripe water, child-safe herbs and homeopathics
  • Hyland – complete line of infant/child homeopathics for childhood discomforts
  • Immune Support – safe and effective for little ones, for example: herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, family teas, &  elderberry syrup
  • Earaches – prevention, healing and pain relief
  • Organic Baby Formula – when supplementing or alternative feeding is needed
  • Infant Probiotics – used by many to help your baby overcome thrush (diaper or oral yeast)
  • Foot or Hand Washable Ink Printer – for capturing your baby’s first footprint
  • Yoga Balls – the secret weapon against endless walking your restless or distressed baby, come on in, we’ll show you what we mean!
  • Baby Safe Feeders – easy handle for baby to hold, with a secure net in which to place first foods (banana, yam, or even a nice cold carrot for teethers) – baby can gnaw away without getting a chunk off that could choke them
  • Smartwool Infant Socks, soft and beautifully dyed, they stay on and keep baby warm
  • Infant Woolens , sweetly soft and cozy underthings

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