Great hard-to-find Products

Indigo Forest carries a wonderful selection of products that we used to have to send our clients all over town, through the catalogs and to the Internet to find!   From premade herbals baths to the inspired ‘Nose Frida’, from a sweet book to prepare for a sibling to warm, baby-soft, European woolens – we’re sure to show you things you’ve not seen anywhere else in town, or maybe ever before.

These products are available at our storefront in Ann Arbor.  Too long a drive, or stuck at home with little ones?  We’re glad to help you by phone and ship directly to you; the coming year will see the launching of our new web store as well.


We’ve got you covered – accurate information, warm support, and the best products available.  Indigo Forest has the largest selection of Medela breastpumps and nursing products in the area, and the professional support needed to help to make it all come together.  Are you a breastfeeding mom?

See our products to support your breastfeeding relationship.

Baby Care

Are you tired of wondering if your products are going to be recalled?  Or which products really work well?   We only offer baby care products and remedies that are safe, tried & true, and absolutely the best quality (organic is our priority)!

See our products to help your baby stay healthy and happy.


Do you wish you could find something (anything!) that would ease your morning sickness?  What are the best prenatal vitamins?  Is there anything you can to protect your unborn baby from cell phones and EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)?   The most common comment from moms who shop at Indigo Forest has been, “I wish I had found you when I was pregnant!”

See our pregnancy products.

Labor & Birth

Are you desperate to go into labor?   Would you like to do everything you can to heal well after the birth, C-sections included?  Has your midwife or OB recommended our herbal baths or Binsi labor clothes?  We have customers driving in from Ohio and Indiana, as we are the only store in Michigan & neighboring states where you can get some of these products!

See our products that will support your birth.

Natural Family Health

Where do you go for help when it’s cold & flu season?  Is there lice in the kindergarten, or chickenpox in the 4th grade?  You need a place that has the stuff you didn’t even know you needed!  And we’ve put it all in one friendly store.

Our products for a Naturally Healthy Family.

Great Books & Magazines

Amazon may be amazing, but don’t you miss thumbing through a book in person, or finding a comfortable bench and exploring an extraordinary bookshelf?   We handpick these titles with great care, and this is a collection that is not found together anywhere else off-line.  We also special order.

Check out our book collection.

Warm Families

Does your baby keep getting the hiccups?  Are your child’s hands cold all the time?  Could your infant be gaining more weight?    All of these problems have been reportedly resolved after the little one was pampered in our wool products.  We carry unbelievably soft, high-quality woolens for the whole family.  And NO, these are NOT your grandma’s scratchy sweaters (bless her soul.)

Warm up with woolens.

Weston A. Price Foundation and Nourishing Traditions:

What is the buzz about raw milk all about?  How can you sort out all the info about ‘DHA’ and ‘Brain Oils?’  Indigo Forest is the only location in Washtenaw County (and surrounding areas) for these best sources of naturally-occurring Vitamin A (and D) available!  Why should you consider cod liver oil supplement?

We carry oils and books……

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