Welcoming The Doula Community House!

Today the The Doula Community House happily leaps into being to

“Doula the Doulas!”

Doulas provide tireless service to their clients, passionate about birth and doing all they can to support families in the birthing journeys for healthy, safe and satisfying outcomes.   Often their long hours are unscheduled and filled with far more time commitment than is recognized by their clients (but always by their families! :) ),  in addition to the planned prenatal visit(s) & birth itself, they are often answering questions in early pregnancy, making phone calls of encouragement in late pregnancy, researching personalized solutions for their clients all the time, making extra visits to help with breastfeeding issues postpartum, and strategizing referrals and community connections weeks or even months later.  Where do they go for renewal, for mentorship, or with questions once they’ve ‘become a doula?’

Welcome to the warm, understanding and supportive arms of The Doula Community House!

Hosted by Indigo Forest, The Doula House is committed to nurturing doulas by creating a community hub (both locally and across the web) that provides warm support, practical information, friendly networking and continuing education.  It’s The Place to go when you need a hug after a tough birth,  some perspective on a challenging situation/client, a ‘birth fix,’ or to get recharged with an inspiring class.

Doulas Circle (the verb), is our free support group for the women who support women in birth, meeting monthly on the second Saturday of the month at 10 am; if this is your passion, you are invited to our first gathering on October 13th, 2012.   Led by Beth Barbeau, Tradition Midwife and Master Educator with 30 years experience in the birth community, this groups is the safe place to let down your hair and enjoy the community of women who understand your life, loves and challenges!  Cozy tea & honey provided.

Generally concluding at 11:30, October 13th we’ll be ending a bit early because Indigo Forest’s “Parent-Doula Meet & Greet” is happening from 11:00-12:30 this day.   This will be a great chance to meet and mingle with potential clients who are coming to have the opportunity to meet a variety of doulas at one time.   Please preregister with Indigo Forest (734.994.8010) if you plan on participating.

Come ‘friend’ us on Facebook for on-going updates and birth information, as well as announcements of pending classes for especially for doulas.

Red Tent Temple

A monthly sanctuary created by women for women

Inside the Red Tent Temple….you will find a space to heal and be heard – a place to stop and relax, enjoy potluck offerings and herbal tea, journal, sing, laugh, be silent, cry, create, and reconnect with what ties us all together:  being woman.  Women from all stages of life are welcome.

Held on Sunday nearest the New Moon from 12noon – 4 pm.

Fall 2012 dates are as follows:

August 19  *  September 16  *  October 14  *  November 11  *  December 16

Why a Red Tent Temple?   Why not a place where women can come together?  Where they stop and rest?  A place where we can celebrate our strength, a safe place where we can express our immense fragility, a place to find answers and offer support, a place to build the community of women?

What is a Red Tent Temple?  It is a place and space that is co-created once a month in towns and citites across the country around the new moon.  Our tent is held on the Sunday closest to the New Moon from 12 Noon until 4 pm.

Who comes to the temple?  Women from all stages of life are welcome.  Women who no longer have their wombs or who are in menopause are needed to make our circle whole.  Young girls are welcome to attend if they have begun menses, but since adult discussions will occur in the temple, girls under the age of 16 must be accompanied an adult.  Babies are welcome if they are ‘in arms’ – not yet crawling or walking.

What happens during the Red Tent Temple?  Much of the time is unstructured to allow for a wonderful fluid and organic time in, where the empty space supports the unexpected and unplanned.

At some point during the time of the temple, we will have a chance to gather in a circle.  This is a time for the women sitting in circle to ‘check in.’  It is a time for each woman to have a short time to speak without being given advice, to truly be heard, to cry, to laugh,  and for a few moments to have it ‘all about her.’  After circle, there will be some unstructured time where women can offer further support ot another, find some quiet reflective time or join another group doing a variety of things.

The Story Chair is a chair where a woman sits to share her story of her ‘womanhood journey.’  THe stories may come in the forms of narrative, songs and poems.  They may make you laugh or cry or you may have an ‘Aha moment.’

What items are brought to the temple?

Sharing:  Every Red Tent Temple is an opportunity to bring something to share.  That can be drums, books, healing work, potluck items or teas.

Donating:  The Ann Arbor Temple is just in it’s inception and is being created by everyday women just like you.  We need donations of lovely red items.  We have some red cloth but need more. Pillows, throws, rugs would all be lovely.  If you wish to donate money, it will be used to beautify the space, provide amenities, or to pay building and /or advertising costs.

Items for your personal use: Seating is not provided.  You are encouraged to bring a camp chair if you need to be up off the ground.  You are encouraged to bring knitting, journals, drawing supplies…anything which will help you to enjoy this space.

Why wear red?  Wearing red is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the red tent experience but probably only half of the women will be wearing red.  Please feel free to come as you are or to wear something that makes you feel whole.

Hosted by Indigo Forest, at 4121 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor, MI  48103   Directions on this site under ‘Visit us.’
Questions?  Please contact Heather Doveheart, heather.doveheart@yahoo.com, (517) 917-3435.


Get Ready For Rainy Spring Fun!

Why would Indigo Forest carry rain coats?  Or carry on about raincoats?!  And especially children’s PVC-free raingear from Europe, that you’ll want to order by February 10th for Spring puddles?

We’re all about happy & healthy, and stomping around in rainy Michigan weather without getting chilled and damp is kid heaven!  Generations of mothers have known that when their children get a good dose of fresh air in the morning, that they sleep nice and deep at night.

For the younger child, outdoor play can be one of the most essential periods for developmental growth in their day. Outdoors a child is free to explore, experiment, imagine and problem-solve.  Time and space are different, and it’s ok to be strong and loud and squishy and all sorts of things that sometimes don’t go over very well indoors.   With every plopped rock or dragged stick, children are learning about their bodies, their world, and every little aspect of biology, physics, geography, mathematics, and more!

Unstructured physical play is well-known to be a most developmentally appropriate outlet for reducing stress in children’s lives. Common sense as well as respected research tell us that physical activity improves attention spans,  helps develop healthy lifestyle habits and can calm and soothe restless children.   Under age seven, children are primed to learn through imitation and physical interaction & activity – and experiencing weather & the seasons through their senses are a big part of this healthy development.

Back to raingear – it’s hard to find gear that kids can put on themselves (think firemans overalls), that are free of over 100 toxic chemicals commonly found in other gear, that are cute and sturdy, and best of all, make splashing in puddles fun for both kids and parents!

Puddlegear is all of these things.  They even have rain mittens, which see four season use around our Midwest household!    Check out the Puddlegear selection on line, or in the catalog you’ll find at by our Puddlegear display at the store, then make your order with us (you can also call it in – 734.994.8010).  This Spring we want everyone to get outside – so 5% off all orders (prepaid), 20% off your second piece, and we’ll be ready for the learning, I mean the fun, to begin!

Breastfeeding Seminar-Tell Your Doula!


Supporting Happy Healthy Nursing Relationships

With Beth Bailey Barbeau, Midwife, Indigo Forest Founder

& Instructor in NITE Holistic Labor Companion Program

While breastfeeding is the most ‘natural thing in the world’, it’s no longer ‘coming naturally’ to many mother-baby pairs. In this seminar suitable for both student & professional, find out why ‘normal’ births are creating obstacles to satisfying breastfeeding, how to counsel families for early success, and the essentials of a satisfying breastfeeding relationship.  Emphasizing both naturopathic & practical problem-solving, we’ll detail a wide range of responses to common concerns – come prepared to take your skills & confidence to a whole new level!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

9 am – 5 pm

Naturopathic Community Center

503 E. Broadway, Mt. Pleasant, MI  48858

$89 per person

Call 989-773-3636 to Register

“I feel like I have a huge knowledge base on breastfeeding even though I have never breastfed.”

“My confidence in my ability to help nursing mothers has increased dramatically!”

“As someone who had taken lactation education training classes before, I thought I wouldn’t learn much new information – I was wrong! Thanks so much!”

12/17/10 -MIDNIGHT MADNESS-Mommy Style!!

This Friday Eve Indigo Forest is having one of it’s special sales that typically only come a few times a year,  and this time we’re throwing a bit of a party – come on out!

Don’t miss our



Party & Best Selection 6 pm -10 pm this Friday eve

December 17th, 2010.

(NOTE: We’re Mommies too – NOT to midnight really!)

Sale Continues Through Saturday December 18th, 2010.

15% off Store-wide * 25% off Toys * 30- 70% off selected items, including some essential oils & gifts never before on sale!

(Sale excludes consignment and some essential & cod liver oils)

Shoulders tight from stress or carrying the kids?   Chair Massages – our compliments!

Had any Grown-up time lately?   Yummy Treats & Mulled Cider – Adults and babes-in-arms welcome

And while you’re here – enjoy some of the best deals of the season here at Indigo Forest.

Why not bring that friend you haven’t seen in a while, and give them the gift of sharing Indigo Forest? Thanks for going that extra mile to support your local business ! We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Safe Play Sand

Did you know that there are now warning labels posted on bags of sand for the sandbox reading, “Wash off skin, do not breath”?   Isn’t that the whole point of a sandbox, to really dig in (!) and not worry about pouring and playing?!

Most sand sold through consumer outlets is ground up quartz rock and consequently contains potentially dangerous quantities of crystalline silica, asbestos, and other contaminants that are dangerous to (young) lungs.

For the next two weeks only – June 5- 19 -  We have a limited shipment of ~20 yards of naturally sourced, clean, safe play sand available for sale.  Tested by a local lab, it does not contain asbestos, and like beach sand, brushes off without leaving the clothes dirty. This high quality sand is currently being sold at Toys-R-Us by the bag, at a total cost of $225/yard.   Our prices vary by quantity, ranging from $8/5 gallon bucket to $85/cubic yard – Green Turtle special is $22!    Bring pickups, trailers, buckets or bags to get your share –  – call Indigo Forest at (734) 994-8010 to reserve sand for your family and arrange for pick-up time. This week we have times still open on Friday and on Sunday. Further Information at www.safeplaysand.com.

Medela Breast Pumps

We stock all Medela Breastpumps – Freestyle, Pump-N-Style, Advanced Pump-N-Style, Swing and Harmony.

We also carry Medela accessories such as bottles, nipples, spare tubing, replacement membranes, flanges of all sizes, “S-n-S” specialty feeders, etc.

We rent Medela Breastpumps by the day, week or month.

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