Indigo’s New Health Club!

Join the Indigo Forest

Health Club!

Practical 1-hour *Saturday classes

*10:00-11:00 am: Class,

11:00-11:30 am: Q & A.

Wish you felt more confident using natural remedies?  Are you eager to try natural health solutions, but feel unsure about the next step?

We are offering a new series of classes to celebrate Indigo’s 4th year of empowering healthy families!  In a handy, information-packed hour, we’ll take your knowledge & confidence to the next level!

Beth & Juliana will help you build your naturopathic foundation,

suitable for beginners and intermediate level students alike.

If you’ve ever been that customer that always wanted to know more,

or wants to use the remedies you have with more assurance,

these mornings are for you!

Saturday May 14

Natural First Aid & Your Car Travel Kit: Everyday Basics (Emotional upsets, bumps & bruises, cuts, & punctures)

Saturday May 28

Natural First Aid & Your Car Travel Kit: Seasonal (Sunburn, bites, stings, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, food poisoning)

*Thursday June 2nd, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Fevers in the Family: Prevention, Understanding & Management.  (Afternoon series is Young family oriented, bring your babies, your floor blankets and your sense of humor!)

Saturday June 11

Essential Oils – Top 10 oils, uses & applications

Saturday June 25

Cell Salts: A Part of Homeopathy Mineral combinations that are some of the most versatile in your medicine chest!

Saturday July 16

Healthy Homes – Lessening the toxic burden – startling information on indoor air quality, antibacterial soap, and mulitpurpose products (good for both home AND body!) 

$10 per person when preregistered prior to Friday 6 pm.

(734) 994.8010,

$15 drop-in’s welcome.

10% topic products same day for class students!

Naturally Supporting the Immune System: Class TBA in January!

Whether you chose to vaccinate or not, are you among the many parents who wonder how to naturally support their children’s immune systems?  We get many questions at the store about what to use for this or that – and this is THE CLASS to help parents get comfortable and understand some of their natural resources when a child gets ill!   Surveying natural therapies such as essential oils, herbs, homeopathics, and minerals, you’ll gain a good introduction to the numerous natural modalities that you can use to support your children both for prevention and also in acute situations, including many communicable childhood illnesses.   This class is a great stand alone for those wanting to incorporate a greater range of holistic modalities for prevention and treatment, or as a follow-up to our “Vaccines #1:  Informed Choice.”

Teaching is Nicole Paquin, Certified Traditional Naturopath and Instructor at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mt. Pleasant.  “Vaccine #2:  Supporting the Immune System Naturally” is held at Indigo Forest, Tuesday TBA, January 2011, at 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  $30/person or $50/two people.  Space is limited, please call Indigo Forest to register 734.994.8010.

What Are Your Plans For The Flu Season?

Wouldn’t it be comforting to be proactive this year? As the “Back-to-school” germs make the rounds, our attention turns to the cold and flu season.   When the over-the-counter cold & fever remedies for kids under 6 were pulled from the shelves many parents panicked – how do you ease sick symptoms or even better, help your kids stay well in the first place? 

Natural remedies can offer tremendous support for strong immune response, respiratory protection,  and sailing through illnesses smoothly with quicker recoveries when they do come. Many parents rely on such products as Buried Treasure Raspberry Vitamin D liquid, Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil, Living Streams Probiotics, Nature’s Sunshine VSC, Vitamin C, Elderberry Syrup, Raspberry & Nettle ‘Family Health Tea’, raw honey, NSP’s ‘Sunshine Heroes’ Kids’ lines for Anti-oxidants, Calcium/Mag, & Muli-Vitamins.    Maximize results with medicinal grade essential oils such as Thieves (on the soles of feet), Melrose (under ears on neck lymph), Ravensara (on chest) , or Purification (in midst on surfaces).  Homeopathy can offer precise response to individual symptoms.

Here’s what Indigo Forest’s long-time customers have said,

“It’s such a relief to break the cycle of endless winter ear infections – I LOVE that VSC!”    S.

“My whole family have fallen in love with the ‘Family Health Tea,’ we’ve not been sick once this winter!”  D.

“I’m here to stock up – Last year was our healthiest year ever with your products.”  Sarah

“I just went to the pediatrician, and they didn’t have any ideas, so I came straight here.  You’ve always been so helpful!”   F.

“You have products that we can’t find anywhere else.”  Mary

“There’s two things that I love.  I love that there is a place that I come to get practical, healthy, non-toxic products that are safe to use on my kids.  And I love that there’s a place that I can access preventative medicine and don’t have to resort to dangerous products.

I love what you sell, because it’s all natural and does a great job.  With a lot of traditional (over-the-counter/Rx) medicines,  it’s not even an option to use them on children to treat symptoms of colds, fevers, or flu – they’re unsuitable.  We’re left with really poor alternatives if we don’t have access to the sorts of stuff Indigo Forest has.

It provides me with a lot of comfort that I can actually offer them something that helps them feel better. These natural products make them much more comfortable and give them some relief – they actually improve their condition, they don’t just mask the condition.”    Michele, Veterinarian