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Indigo Forest: Holistic Family Center


We support babies and their mothers, and we go out of our way to nurture the efforts of all mothers to feed their babies in the most healthy and nourishing way they can. Recognizing that breastmilk is undeniably the superior food for babies, and also that many of today’s birthing practices and lack of social support makes breastfeeding a mighty challenge for some, we support breastfeeding through our products, classes and consultations.  Many of our products also support families feeding their babies with supplementation such as formula or raw milk recipes, like BPA-free baby bottles and silicone nipples, probiotics for baby’s milk and other items.  We understand that being a new parent is often challenging and overwhelming, and we aspire to be the friendly, neighborly Center where you will feel comfortable with your baby.

“I had a terrible start to breastfeeding – excruciating pain.  I am so grateful Beth & Indigo Forest for being my ‘go-to’ place for questions and guidance.  I met Linda Diane Feldt (Infant Massage Instructor & Cranial-Sacral Practitioner) through Beth’s advice, and was able to breastfeed pain-free until my daughter was 18 months old.  Exactly what I wanted!”

Andrea, first time mom.  September 2010

“Indigo Forest is a breastfeeding mother’s dream!”
Mother of three, spontaneously appreciative upon discovering Indigo Forest, October 2007


Medela Breastpumps – We stock all Medela Breastpumps – Freestyle, Advanced Pump-N-Style, Swing and Harmony.  We also carry Medela accessories such as bottles, nipples, spare tubing, replacement membranes, flanges of all sizes, “S-n-S” specialty feeders, etc.
We rent Medela Breastpumps by the day ($3), week ($20) or month ($60).

In addition, we offer a wide range of other breastfeeding support products such as

  • Nursing bras (32A-48H, racer back, cotton, microfiber, softcup, underwire, sleeping etc)
  • Pump-n-pal: This mom-owned company offers -
  • Alternative pump flanges (fits ALL pumps, angled so that you can relax and lean back while you  pump!)
  • Inexpensive ($9.95!) ‘hands-free’ pumping support system
  • Motherlove product:
  • Organic nursing herbs supplements – ‘galactagogues’ to improve milk supply
  • Salves – nipple, thrush, diaper, hemorrhoid balm, & all-purpose green salve
  • Gift sample kits for pregnancy, labor, & nursing
  • Nursing pads (washable cotton, healing & comforting soft wool or disposable paper)
  • Milk storage bags (Bisphenol-A free plastic)
  • Probiotics – special selection for mother, infant, or post-antibiotic use to assist in preventing or overcoming thrush and yeast infections
  • Alcohol test strips for checking breastmilk (What do you do when the baby wakes up early after you’ve had a great time at your friends’ wedding?)
  • Nursing necklaces (for baby’s wandering hands) and bracelets (help mommy remember when she last nursed)
  • And more! Unlike big chain stores, we don’t just ring you up – we help you out!

Let us help your breastfeeding efforts go smoothly! At the time of your pump purchase, you are also entitled to additional savings!

  • Every pump purchase comes with a free visit to our “Nursing Café”, our breastfeeding support group, and a sample of the very best nursing salve ever – Motherlove Herbals ‘Nipple Salve.’
  • Help yourself to an additional 10% off either

o    The breastfeeding book of your choice from our “Favorites” List or
o     A Medela sleep bra
This is a ‘at the same time of purchase’ offer.


Nursing Café

Wednesday 2-3 pm – Come hang out with other nursing moms and sip nursing tea, with professional lactation support on-hand for questions and help.

Class:  Breastfeeding Made Simple

Expectant parents, come and learn the basics of breastfeeding.  Bust the myths and become comfortable with a range of normal breastfeeding patterns.  Check our schedule for current classes.

Class:  Breastfeeding and the Unexpected

Learn tips for maintaining the breastfeeding relationship under difficult circumstances such as nursing through a Cesarean recovery, breast infection, or post-partum depression.  Strategizing practical solutions and identifying resources ahead of time can greatly reduce the stress of such common challenges.  Recommended prenatally, although may be taken with your newborn.   Check our schedule for current classes.


Professional support available by appointment-
Breastfeeding Consultations
Need some personalized problem solving?  Professional support is available by appointment,  $30/half hour appointment. With Jane Mueller, Lactation Specialist or Beth Barbeau, Midwife

Available References- Medications & Mother’s Milk, by Dr. Thomas Hale.  Widely considered THE best reference for drugs (and some herbs) available, this book is an outstanding introduction to the challenging topic of how to approach the use of medications while breastfeeding, as well as the compilation of current data on the safe use of medications while breastfeeding . We can order this book if you are a professional who would like to keep a copy on hand;  we offer it as an in-store reference at Indigo Forest.  We have a copier available for 10 cents a page.
Calibrated Baby Scale -

Weigh your baby!   Our calibrated, hospital-grade baby scale is sensitive enough to accurately record your infant’s pre- and- post feed weight, and you are welcome to nurse anytime in our comfortable green room if you just need a quiet get-away on a busy day, or if you are monitoring a fragile weight gain situation and need to nurse while getting accurate milk transfer information .

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