Keleigh Lee – Henna and Breastfeeding

Keleigh Lee – Henna Artist & IBCLC Lactation Specialist

Keleigh Lee

Keleigh Lee, IBCLC, is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant trained to support mothers meet their breastfeeding goals. The IBCLC credential is the most advanced lactation certification available and ensures a level of expertise mothers need and deserve ( Much misinformation exists and can have major negative impacts on breastfeeding success. Keleigh is a mother of four children who have all breastfed and knows how vulnerable and fragile the newborn stage can be.

Keleigh also has a Masters degree in medical illustration which included four years of pre-med and two years of medical school coursework with art classes sprinkled throughout. She offers private pregnancy henna sessions tailored to each mother, and a range of breastfeeding support services.

“I have a wealth of personal experience as a breastfeeding mother, spanning all kinds of nursing: single, pregnant, tandem, triandem, extended, and working mom/pumping mom throughout. However, I will not to bombard you with my own experiences or all that I’ve read about in books, but will aim to truly connect with every mother-baby pair I encounter. My goal is to provide support and advice that deeply resonates with every unique breastfeeding challenge brought to me. It’s not just about the information, although that’s a big part of it because much misinformation exists, it’s about the “fit” that my response has for you. Like the all-too-allusive perfect fitting nursing bra, I aim to be the source for custom fit breastfeeding support.”

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