Welcoming The Doula Community House!

Today the The Doula Community House happily leaps into being to

“Doula the Doulas!”

Doulas provide tireless service to their clients, passionate about birth and doing all they can to support families in the birthing journeys for healthy, safe and satisfying outcomes.   Often their long hours are unscheduled and filled with far more time commitment than is recognized by their clients (but always by their families! :)),  in addition to the planned prenatal visit(s) & birth itself, they are often answering questions in early pregnancy, making phone calls of encouragement in late pregnancy, researching personalized solutions for their clients all the time, making extra visits to help with breastfeeding issues postpartum, and strategizing referrals and community connections weeks or even months later.  Where do they go for renewal, for mentorship, or with questions once they’ve ‘become a doula?’

Welcome to the warm, understanding and supportive arms of The Doula Community House!

Hosted by Indigo Forest, The Doula House is committed to nurturing doulas by creating a community hub (both locally and across the web) that provides warm support, practical information, friendly networking and continuing education.  It’s The Place to go when you need a hug after a tough birth,  some perspective on a challenging situation/client, a ‘birth fix,’ or to get recharged with an inspiring class.

Doulas Circle (the verb), is our free support group for the women who support women in birth, meeting monthly on the second Saturday of the month at 10 am; if this is your passion, you are invited to our first gathering on October 13th, 2012.   Led by Beth Barbeau, Tradition Midwife and Master Educator with 30 years experience in the birth community, this groups is the safe place to let down your hair and enjoy the community of women who understand your life, loves and challenges!  Cozy tea & honey provided.

Generally concluding at 11:30, October 13th we’ll be ending a bit early because Indigo Forest’s “Parent-Doula Meet & Greet” is happening from 11:00-12:30 this day.   This will be a great chance to meet and mingle with potential clients who are coming to have the opportunity to meet a variety of doulas at one time.   Please preregister with Indigo Forest (734.994.8010) if you plan on participating.

Come ‘friend’ us on Facebook for on-going updates and birth information, as well as announcements of pending classes for especially for doulas.

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