Red Tent Temple

A monthly sanctuary created by women for women

Inside the Red Tent Temple….you will find a space to heal and be heard – a place to stop and relax, enjoy potluck offerings and herbal tea, journal, sing, laugh, be silent, cry, create, and reconnect with what ties us all together:  being woman.  Women from all stages of life are welcome.

Held on Sunday nearest the New Moon from 12noon – 4 pm.

Fall 2012 dates are as follows:

August 19  *  September 16  *  October 14  *  November 11  *  December 16

Why a Red Tent Temple?   Why not a place where women can come together?  Where they stop and rest?  A place where we can celebrate our strength, a safe place where we can express our immense fragility, a place to find answers and offer support, a place to build the community of women?

What is a Red Tent Temple?  It is a place and space that is co-created once a month in towns and citites across the country around the new moon.  Our tent is held on the Sunday closest to the New Moon from 12 Noon until 4 pm.

Who comes to the temple?  Women from all stages of life are welcome.  Women who no longer have their wombs or who are in menopause are needed to make our circle whole.  Young girls are welcome to attend if they have begun menses, but since adult discussions will occur in the temple, girls under the age of 16 must be accompanied an adult.  Babies are welcome if they are ‘in arms’ – not yet crawling or walking.

What happens during the Red Tent Temple?  Much of the time is unstructured to allow for a wonderful fluid and organic time in, where the empty space supports the unexpected and unplanned.

At some point during the time of the temple, we will have a chance to gather in a circle.  This is a time for the women sitting in circle to ‘check in.’  It is a time for each woman to have a short time to speak without being given advice, to truly be heard, to cry, to laugh,  and for a few moments to have it ‘all about her.’  After circle, there will be some unstructured time where women can offer further support ot another, find some quiet reflective time or join another group doing a variety of things.

The Story Chair is a chair where a woman sits to share her story of her ‘womanhood journey.’  THe stories may come in the forms of narrative, songs and poems.  They may make you laugh or cry or you may have an ‘Aha moment.’

What items are brought to the temple?

Sharing:  Every Red Tent Temple is an opportunity to bring something to share.  That can be drums, books, healing work, potluck items or teas.

Donating:  The Ann Arbor Temple is just in it’s inception and is being created by everyday women just like you.  We need donations of lovely red items.  We have some red cloth but need more. Pillows, throws, rugs would all be lovely.  If you wish to donate money, it will be used to beautify the space, provide amenities, or to pay building and /or advertising costs.

Items for your personal use: Seating is not provided.  You are encouraged to bring a camp chair if you need to be up off the ground.  You are encouraged to bring knitting, journals, drawing supplies…anything which will help you to enjoy this space.

Why wear red?  Wearing red is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the red tent experience but probably only half of the women will be wearing red.  Please feel free to come as you are or to wear something that makes you feel whole.

Hosted by Indigo Forest, at 4121 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor, MI  48103   Directions on this site under ‘Visit us.’
Questions?  Please contact Heather Doveheart,, (517) 917-3435.


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