Spring Clean with Detox Baths!

Super Oxy Bath

A Unique Bath Additive Designed to Support Numerous Functions:

  • Introduces additional oxygen into the bathwater
  • Induces relaxation and restful sleep
  • Changes the pH of bathwater from acidic to slightly alkaline
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Breaks down herbicides and pesticides found in water
  • Helps neutralize the chlorine and new form of fluoride (fluorosilysic acid) found in in city water
  • Draws poisons from the body through skin and neutralizes toxins
  • Saturates blood with oxygen by way of osmosis
  • Compatible with aromatic oils &  hydrogen peroxide
  • Leaves skin soft and clean
  • Relieves aches and pains

We’ve carried these baths since our opening (5 years ago this month!),  and have ALWAYS been pleased with the quality and results.   Many families come back to get them again and again, finding their natural health support to be simple, effective and affordable.

2# – Regularly $14.99.   

Spring Sale through Saturday, March 30th, 2012 –

20% off -   $11.98, and a free quartz crystal!

Welcome Keleigh Lee, IBCLC!!

Indigo Forest is proud to announce a new collaboration with experienced lactation specialist, Keleigh Lee, IBCLC!

See Keleigh’s new breastfeeding classes offered in March & April!

Keleigh Lee, IBCLC, is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant trained to support mothers meet their breastfeeding goals. The IBCLC credential is the most advanced lactation certification available and ensures a level of expertise mothers need and deserve (www.iblce.org). Much misinformation exists and can have major negative impacts on breastfeeding success. Keleigh is a mother of four children who have all breastfed and knows how vulnerable and fragile the newborn stage can be.

My goal in providing breastfeeding guidance is to empower families to solve their breastfeeding challenges and get back on track. By inviting me into your life you share a trust with me and I will do all in my ability to hear your story with respect and caring as I help to work through your problems.”

Keleigh is also an accredited La Leche League Leader (www.lllaa.org) and a volunteer Lactation Consultant for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program where she has helped hundreds of mother-baby pairs over the years. Her professional background as a medical illustrator and extensive lactation science education give her a solid medical foundation for handling a wide range of breastfeeding issues. She is a self-described “lactation geek” and will happily treat you to lactation geekery details if asked!