Get Ready For Rainy Spring Fun!

Why would Indigo Forest carry rain coats?  Or carry on about raincoats?!  And especially children’s PVC-free raingear from Europe, that you’ll want to order by February 10th for Spring puddles?

We’re all about happy & healthy, and stomping around in rainy Michigan weather without getting chilled and damp is kid heaven!  Generations of mothers have known that when their children get a good dose of fresh air in the morning, that they sleep nice and deep at night.

For the younger child, outdoor play can be one of the most essential periods for developmental growth in their day. Outdoors a child is free to explore, experiment, imagine and problem-solve.  Time and space are different, and it’s ok to be strong and loud and squishy and all sorts of things that sometimes don’t go over very well indoors.   With every plopped rock or dragged stick, children are learning about their bodies, their world, and every little aspect of biology, physics, geography, mathematics, and more!

Unstructured physical play is well-known to be a most developmentally appropriate outlet for reducing stress in children’s lives. Common sense as well as respected research tell us that physical activity improves attention spans,  helps develop healthy lifestyle habits and can calm and soothe restless children.   Under age seven, children are primed to learn through imitation and physical interaction & activity – and experiencing weather & the seasons through their senses are a big part of this healthy development.

Back to raingear – it’s hard to find gear that kids can put on themselves (think firemans overalls), that are free of over 100 toxic chemicals commonly found in other gear, that are cute and sturdy, and best of all, make splashing in puddles fun for both kids and parents!

Puddlegear is all of these things.  They even have rain mittens, which see four season use around our Midwest household!    Check out the Puddlegear selection on line, or in the catalog you’ll find at by our Puddlegear display at the store, then make your order with us (you can also call it in – 734.994.8010).  This Spring we want everyone to get outside – so 5% off all orders (prepaid), 20% off your second piece, and we’ll be ready for the learning, I mean the fun, to begin!

Breastfeeding Seminar-Tell Your Doula!


Supporting Happy Healthy Nursing Relationships

With Beth Bailey Barbeau, Midwife, Indigo Forest Founder

& Instructor in NITE Holistic Labor Companion Program

While breastfeeding is the most ‘natural thing in the world’, it’s no longer ‘coming naturally’ to many mother-baby pairs. In this seminar suitable for both student & professional, find out why ‘normal’ births are creating obstacles to satisfying breastfeeding, how to counsel families for early success, and the essentials of a satisfying breastfeeding relationship.  Emphasizing both naturopathic & practical problem-solving, we’ll detail a wide range of responses to common concerns – come prepared to take your skills & confidence to a whole new level!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

9 am – 5 pm

Naturopathic Community Center

503 E. Broadway, Mt. Pleasant, MI  48858

$89 per person

Call 989-773-3636 to Register

“I feel like I have a huge knowledge base on breastfeeding even though I have never breastfed.”

“My confidence in my ability to help nursing mothers has increased dramatically!”

“As someone who had taken lactation education training classes before, I thought I wouldn’t learn much new information – I was wrong! Thanks so much!”