Holistic Therapies @ Introductory Rates Through Christmas!

Has it been a while since you’ve done something for yourself, but the budget or your schedule just hasn’t had room?   How can you continue to give and give, or keep your family balanced, or maintain that fast pace at work – if you don’t help your system out with some healthy IMPUT once in a while?

This is an important time of year to take care of yourself, and the price is right!

Our store manager, Juliana Sanchez, is also currently a student in the Certified Naturopath program at The Naturopathic Institute of Mt. Pleasant, MI (THE top naturopathic school nationally.)  She is offering introductory rates through December 24th, 2010, on holistic therapies such as Cranial-Sacral, Light Healing Touch, Meridian Allergy Corrections, and Reflexology.  These therapies benefit the whole person, and are ideal for EVERYONE!

Cranial-sacral is a light touch therapy that encourages proper bone alignment, and function of the cerebral spinal fluid throughout the body.

Light Healing Touch is a therapy performed by many holistic practitioners and medical professionals such as nurses.  LHT is a fully clothes therapy, where the client relaxes on a massage table as the practitioner works above the body on their electromagnetic field.

Meridian Allergy Corrections are gently and highly effective ways to deal with those pesky allergies.

Reflexology is a therapy which the practitioner works on reflex points on the bottom of the foot.  (Did you know that there is a ‘map’ of your whole body on the sole of your foot, and that one can work on your lungs, or colon, from your foot?)  Benefits are often similar to those that would result from a whole body massage!

reflexology map

Simple Reflexology Chart

While rates for this work range typically from $60-$90 per session, Juliana’s introductory rate is ONLY $20 for an hour-length treatment!  Available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the work day, with a three day lead time preferred.  There are a limited number of sessions available, so sign up now!

P.S.  from Beth the Owner:  “We get rave reviews on Juliana’s work, often that people are getting better results than they’ve gotten with other long-established practitioners.   I can tell you from personal experience that this is a lovely chance to work with a fantastic student.”

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