Healthy Living, and Healthy Dying….

A new topic to raise here publicly here at Indigo Forest…..In a business that so many think of as ‘that mommy-baby store,’ we actually view ourselves as a Life-Cycle Store, and are often quietly helping our customers not just when they welcome new family members, but also when their loved ones pass on as well.  Owner & midwife Beth Barbeau, along with her sister & doula, Laura Bailey, spent much of 2009 caring for their mother in their home with Hospice Care.  So much of what Indigo Forest is about paved the way for the family, from the Franchincense oils to soothe the spirit and ease labored breathing to the homeopathics that moderated the extreme ‘side effects’ of her illness, from the flower remedies that supported the sisters emotionally to the “Honeypot Beeswax Light” that glowed comfortingly through the entire journey.

When Grandma passed on Nov. 2nd, 2009, it seemed natural to continue to care for her at home.  That ‘Home Funeral’ turned out to be one of the most healing events of their lives, and many friends and strangers have come to share in it’s wonder & tenderness.    Unusual words to be used for death, truly.  Often, in the hubbub of caring for young children, the issue of loss is distant for many people.  Yet death is an event that bumps in to each of our lives eventually….. and Indigo Forest is there when it does.   We’ll be offering more commentary & information on this journey over time for those that are interested; we urge you to explore this topic as you are ready, for even a little information ahead of time can pave the way greatly.  And if this is too raw, or you are not ready for it, return to our home page and save this for another time.  We understand.

If you’d like to know more now, there is a unique workshop being held on Saturday, Nov. 20th from 1-5 pm.  Entitled, “Changing Visions of Death Care in our Culture“, it includes watching the movie Departures and talking about creating new traditions while reviving old traditions in death care.   Led by two special resources here in Ann Arbor, Merilynne Rush, Home Funeral Guide and Marnie Burkman, MD, ABIHM, this afternoon promises to be a sensitive and eye-opening experience.  For location and more details, go to  Blessings.

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