Ann Arbor’s Original Nursing Cafe’

While breastfeeding may be the ‘most natural thing in the world,’ it often does not seem to come naturally to many babies & their mothers these days .  In spite of often heroic efforts on the part of mamas who read and educate themselves passionately, work to have a healthy satisfying birth, and ‘do everything right’ for their little ones, nursing mamas in our society are often left to sort out breastfeeding problems by themselves, searching for solutions and (often expensive) professional help on the web or through word-of-mouth contacts.

Indigo Forest was founded in part to help pick up the pieces in the postpartum chapter of our lives – and to support families as they address the very challenging next experience after the long-awaited birth – parenting!   Recent Nursing Cafe’ topics have included improving the latch, slow weight gain, “Helpful Relatives”, engorgement, mastitis, thrush, getting the baby to sleep, baby wearing, post-partum recovery, adjustment of older siblings, weaning the baby off the nipple shield & reflux.

Since we opened three and a half years ago, we’ve been offering a free nursing support group every Wednesday afternoon from 2-3 pm.  Ladies – come join us for some tea, some company, and some fresh ideas.  Siblings welcome, toys available.

The Nursing Cafe’
Wednesdays 2-3 pm
No Cost
Community, Support & Professional Guidance

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