Autumn brings cold, wet little hands….

….clutching beautiful leaves and treasured rocks.  The magical solution is at hand – have you heard of rain mittens yet? From the moment my boys saw them in action on the playground, they begged and BEGGED for them, even coming to blows over a found pair!  Easy to put on, lightly lined with thin fleece, and with long elastic cuffs to keep out the drips, these doubled our outdoor time before the sensitive one would insist on going inside.   In the winter, you can just add mittens underneath, and you are good for hours.   Here in Michigan, these are 3-season gloves!

Puddlegear is PVC-free and Oko-Tex (European ecological testing for 100 chemicals) certified.  More on material standards can be found here:  Our supplier’s catalog is @ – At Indigo Forest we keep a variety of rain mitts (toddler to about 2nd grade) and some pants & coats in stock; we’re glad to take your special order as well.  Puddlegear rain gear often lasts well to become treasured hand-me-downs between siblings, and then neighboring families.

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