Who’s Having a Baby This Year??

Who do you know that’s having a baby this year? Tell them about our Parent-Doula Meet & Greet July 10th, 2010! Wouldn’t they be interested in a proven way to reduce the rate of interventions and use of drugs in their birth?

Women birthing with doulas, professional labor assistants who offer emotional & physical support to the birthing family, have been found to request 60% fewer epidurals, have 25% shorter labors, and have 50% less cesarean surgical births!  Both parents frequently report a more positive view of both their baby and their marriage when doulas are include in their births!  Along with many other benefits, these positive affects alone typically result in quicker recoveries, fewer breastfeeding challenges, less postpartum depression and strong bonding for mother & child, easing the stress of the early days of parenting.

The “Parent-Doula Meet & Greet” is a quarterly event here at Indigo Forest, a three year old Ann Arbor boutique & class studio which nurtures healthy families and lifestyles.  It provides an efficient way for parents and doulas to find each other; beginning with a brief review of the benefits of doulas,  parents then get a chance to hear local doulas take several minutes each to introduce themselves, and mingle together over tea and snacks.

Hosted by us, right here at The Indigo Forest, 4121 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI  48103.  Saturday, July 10th, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm.  This event is Free, although pre-registration of both doulas & parents strongly are encouraged, as this is a ‘first come/first serve’ event.  734.994.8010.

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