Our Humanitarian Commitment

We all have the places in our lives that we give above and beyond our daily routines  – those groups, the causes, the people who touch our hearts and move us to contribute.  It’s come to our attention that maybe you’d like to know about some of the causes of which Indigo Forest is passionate.  Our efforts tend to come spontaneously, especially oriented towards mothers and families, when help seems most needed and we are capable of contribution.  We’ve done many things over our first three years in business, from donations to charity auctions to being a go-between for donated breastmilk for a motherless newborn.   Here are a few of our contributions during the last year:

  • To a Mom living with her family at Alpha House (a homeless shelter in AA for families), we donated a Fancy Free Nursing bra, Peace & Calming Spray, medicinal essential oils and MotherLove Nursing herbs.  Then  Medela Corp. teamed up to also donate a Pump-N-Style breastpump & Medela bra so that this mother of a 3-mo-old could meet her work obligation without endangering her baby or milk supply!  (She said her milk supply started to come back up from the herbs by that afternoon!) If you are also interested in helping Alpha House, more information here.
  • To the Weston Price Foundation, a Beeswax Honeypot for their Annual Membership Event.  For great info on nutrition, click here.
  • To The Rudolph Steiner (Waldorf) School, we donate 10% of woolen sales of our Steiner Family customers, and craft supplies to the Holiday Bazaar Children’s Shopping Room. Great education.
  • With volunteers going to Haiti after the earthquake, we sent a large box of varied sunscreens and salves.  Beth’s Uncle, Dr. Don Smith, is the Chairperson of the Disaster Relief Committee for Church of God Ministries.  This organization has been responsible for the now only Prosthetic Clinic on the entire island, and has committed to substantial rebuilding of homes and health care facilities (with the unusual commitment to cover admin. costs through other funding channels – 100% of donations go to projects indicated.)  If this sort of health care mission or ministry interests you, these are especially fine folks.
  • To Doulas Care, we donated a Beeswax honeypot for their silent auction fundraiser.  More on their volunteer birth support program.
  • To Ann Arbor Baby Wearers and the Ann Arbor Weston Price Foundation, space made available at no charge for meetings and gatherings.
  • To The Ann Arbor Co-op Preschool, a dollhouse for their silent auction fundraiser.
  • To the members of a small Afghanistan village, via direct link through friends of Indigo Forest, clothing that we collect through-out the year.  The political winds often make maintaining the new (girls & boys) schools very difficult, and while the climate is very hot in one season, it’s bitterly cold and windy in the other.  Desperately needed are all plain supplies for school (notebooks, pencils, zip lock bags), and all things warm for all ages & genders, fleece & wool especially.  Men tend to need warm boots & windproof outwear, as they patrol rough terrain at night to protect their families from the Taliban.  Very modest & NO images, all baby things of every description lovingly appreciated.  Can you imagine your despair if there was literally no way to keep your new baby warm? Bring your outgrown things by any time for an extraordinary good deed, or check in your school’s lost & found for good condition warm clothing that is ready to be donated.  Call for our open hours to drop by items – 734.994.8010.

Would you like to make us aware of another good cause?  It’s part of our commitment to ‘pay it forward’ – please send your  favorite causes to Beth@VisitIndigo.com – perhaps we’ll be able to include it next year!

We’ll continue to give in all the ways we can, nurturing the well-being of families locally and globally.  Your support of Indigo Forest, a local Mom-owned business, also helps to support these other families! May you also find your heart expanded through the love you share with the world.

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