Safe Play Sand

Did you know that there are now warning labels posted on bags of sand for the sandbox reading, “Wash off skin, do not breath”?   Isn’t that the whole point of a sandbox, to really dig in (!) and not worry about pouring and playing?!

Most sand sold through consumer outlets is ground up quartz rock and consequently contains potentially dangerous quantities of crystalline silica, asbestos, and other contaminants that are dangerous to (young) lungs.

For the next two weeks only – June 5- 19 –  We have a limited shipment of ~20 yards of naturally sourced, clean, safe play sand available for sale.  Tested by a local lab, it does not contain asbestos, and like beach sand, brushes off without leaving the clothes dirty. This high quality sand is currently being sold at Toys-R-Us by the bag, at a total cost of $225/yard.   Our prices vary by quantity, ranging from $8/5 gallon bucket to $85/cubic yard – Green Turtle special is $22!    Bring pickups, trailers, buckets or bags to get your share —  – call Indigo Forest at (734) 994-8010 to reserve sand for your family and arrange for pick-up time. This week we have times still open on Friday and on Sunday. Further Information at

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