Welcome to Indigo Forest

Indigo Forest nurtures your health & parenting with:

  • Great hard-to-find products
  • Practical, inspiring classes
  • Professional consultations

We see our work as a three-legged stool; parents need all the support they can get, and all the legs of that stool need to be strong to provide you a truly sturdy base, that way you can do your very best job at the toughest, most relentless, wondrous and important work in the world – raising happy, healthy kids.  So we don’t just sell hot products or offer the usual classes – we really want to share our love of health and learning, and help you to get the hard-to-find information that you need to make thoughtful health decisions, or to give you new coping tools  & a good laugh during the long, dreary winter days of parenting (yes we love Michigan, but let’s get real).   Community matters, and parenting is hard enough without being lonely too.  Come visit us.

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